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Things have changed a bit, now rather than give away full sets of charts I will give away one chart of a set and for the month the remainder of that set will be on sale. In the near future I may set up a Members Only Area for the Chart of the Month but for now I am going to try this.

We Do Welcome Suggestions and Ideas for Future Charts of the Month! Please contact me with your ideas and who knows your chart idea may be featured here next month!


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Gluten Intolerance/Allergies

March's FREE Chart contains 7 Charts for Dowsing for Gluten Intolerance or Allergy to Wheat and Wheat proteins. Nothing to buy this month, as this set of charts is a very important set of charts. And really they would only be about $5.00 to purchase if I were selling them at the standard 50% off. These charts are simply too important! I think everyone needs them. Gluten intolerance is widespread these days and can be detrimentally effecting a person even if you are unaware that there is an issue. Oftentimes we ignore symptoms of even discount that the issue could possibly be affecting us because we experience no stomach upset or discomfort. I have a set of charts for the Standard Gluten Mimicking Foods and Proteins that may be adversely affecting you. As well as some common symptoms of gluten intolerance that most people don't consider. I also didn't think I had a gluten intolerance until I gave up eating gluten for the sake of my husband. Imagine my surprise when the Migraines I suffered with for 30 years were suddenly gone!!!! I can't tell you how many times I asked the Doctors to tell me why I was experiencing the debilitating Migraines, none of them ever bothered to search for a cause. Funny when I was having a migraine the only food I could keep down was toast and butter! I would eat toast and butter for days at a time. I never guessed that the toast was not only the cause of the problem but exacerbated the problem.

Many of your child's issue's can also be caused by allergies or gluten intolerance. Which is why I decided that these charts would be free this month. They will go perfectly with the new Dowse This... Booklet available, check out below to read more about it!

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As always remember its not just about what I can give to you all for free, but what we can do/create as a community. Please feel free to share your ideas with us on ways you use this chart or any items you think would be a beneficial addition to the charts. If you would like to see an Alphabet Chart available in your language's alphabet contact me and we will work together to make it happen. Note: Pay very close attention your questions. The answer you dowse is very dependent on the question you ask. We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart. We thought it might be fun to offer a different chart each month. If there is a particular chart you would like to see offered here, feel free to leave us a note. It might just show up here. Sorry, but the 'Chart of the Month' will not be archived; you will need to check back often or sign up for our Mailing List. We will email you each month to remind you to check for a new chart.

By request if you missed the free download when it was the Chart of the Month, we have made some of the charts available to purchase a downloadable version. Your donation will go towards keeping this site functional, and advertisement free.