I know this might look rather strange, but probably the simplest dowsing tool to use is the human body.  There are countless ways to use the body parts to indicate simple yes/no answers when asking questions of your source.  For instance:

1) Eyes: Relaxing your eyes and making an attempt not to blink, ask your question.  Tell yourself that a yes answer will cause one blink; a no answer will cause two blinks.  Keep in mind you can ask your eyes to react in any way you direct. 

2)  Arms:  Use your arm as a pendulum, allowing it to swing freely and watch it respond to your answers just as you have set your pendulum to respond.

3)  Fingers:  There are several ways to use the fingers. Here are two:  The first method, "rubbing method" is by softly rubbing the thumb and forefinger together.  A yes response will feel sticky or resistant; a no response will feel very smooth, almost silky.  Another way is called the "double pinch" method.  With your right hand, pinch your thumb and forefinger together.  With the left hand, place the forefinger on top of your right forefinger and your left thumb on beneath your right thumb, also pinching the two fingers on the inside.  Now, ask your question.  A yes response will allow you to open the fingers on the inside.  A no response will cause your finger pinch to stay closed.

Here is your challenge: Pick a body part - any part will do - and find a way to use it for dowsing.  When you have done this, feel free to email your findings to our editors for publication on this site!

Another more in depth article on using your body for dowsing is in our Dowsing 101 section it is called Deviceless Dowsing. Here is the link Deviceless Dowsing



The pendulum is also a very simple tool to use, and quite easy to program.  Keep in mind, you are actually telling your High Self or whomever you have chosen to give you information, how they are to move the pendulum.  I have found it easiest to have a clockwise swing indicate "yes" and a counterclockwise swing indicate "no."  Before you get started, calm your mind, relax your body, feel the connection to your chosen dowsing partner, and wait for your pendulum to indicate that your partner is ready.  Generally, a diagonal swing will indicate a ready signal.  Ask your questions and watch which way your pendulum swings.  Keep your questions specific: "Is my name Jane?"  If your name is not Jane, your pendulum should swing in a "no" direction.  Practice with more questions until you feel you have the hang of it.

If you are just getting started, don't be alarmed if your pendulum does not move right away.  Sometimes you'll need to give it a nudge by swinging it away from your body in a straight line.  Eventually, it will begin responding with answers.  Don't give up, and learn to trust your answers.  If you feel you need to practice with test questions, please feel free, but keep in mind that dowsing is for the serious-minded.  In general, dowsing will not work effectively if used for games or parlor tricks, and your answers will not be correct.  Dowsing is a way for us to communicate with our helpers on the other side of the looking glass, whoever they might be.  It's important to treat them with the respect they deserve.  Always thank them after a dowsing session.

The bobber is used for such things as locating underground water veins, defining its direction of flow, locating lost items, locating an energy field or aura, and can be used anywhere and works similarly to a pendulum.  For Lessons on using a Bobber please click the bobber. 

I finally just made a pair of these, myself, at home.  I used a pair of old rabbit ear antennae and bent them into the shape of the picture of the rods above.  Rods work by crossing over each other when they reach their "find."  Ghost hunters use rods to locate etheric energy.  They also work well for measuring the size of one's aura.  Try this:  stand relaxed in one corner of a room.  "Project" your aura to the other side of the room (simply telling your aura to go to the other side of the room will do), keeping your rods loosely held in your hands, being careful not to use your thumbs.  Now, slowly walk toward where you sent your aura.  Your rods will cross over each other when you reach your aura.  To get your aura back, simply tell it to come back.  This can be done with people, as well, to measure their personal energy fields. 

What we have given you on this page is the very basics of dowsing.  It takes practice and patience, but with both of these you can be well on your way to fruitful dowsing! 


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