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Entities remain earthbound for a plethora of reasons. Some are nefarious, some through ignorance, some also due to a feeling of obligation, or love. Others may remain to continue with an earthly addiction or obsession. An Entity may even be attached to an Entity attached to a Person, Pet, Place, or Thing.

Possessing Spirits are LOST SOULS, which may be suffering. Even though they may argue that they are not and indicate that they want to remain earthbound, I believe we are doing them a disservice by not doing everything possible to educate them on their current circumstances and what they are missing out on by remaining in the Earth Realm and ultimately guiding them to the LIGHT

Remember, too, we are not “Kicking Them Out,” or getting “Rid of Them,” but we are assisting them to continue on their journey in the most loving way possible. Some of the reasons for an earthbound spirit remaining in the Earth Realm are quite tragic, as in the case of a death caused by a battle or a terrorist attack, etc. The entity may still be here out of ignorance of their situation and does not Need to be “Kicked Out,” but to have his or her circumstance gently explained. Once they are aware, they are often very willing to go to the light.

This book contains 144 Charts to assist you in guiding Lost Souls to 'Heaven'. There are 20 charts with Reason's why a Lost Soul may still be on this Earthly Plane, as well as numerous items that will assist the Entity to inform you why they are still here, this will better help you to assist them to the light.



Table of Charts


Master Charts 1 & 2

Am I Ready to Dowse 1 & 2

Request Assistance 1 –4

Focused Questions

Blocks to Correct Answers: 1 – 3

Percentage / Probability


Equipment 1 - 3

Photographic Anomalies 1 & 2

Archangels Page 34

Ascended Masters 1 - 3

Saints 1 - 3

Beings of Light

Signs of Attachment 1 - 4

Entities Present

Type of Haunting 1 - 3

Nature Spirits 1 – 3

Fallen Angels 1 - 4

Infernal Region 1 – 3

Entities/Entity Attachment: Chart 1 – 2

Basic Intent Of Earthbound

Year of Significant Event



Character Trait: Chart 1 to 4

Indications in Home 1 to 6

Attraction Chart 1 to 5

Between Earth Incarnations

Spirit Residence

Reasons for Remaining 1 - 20

Addictions/Obsessions 1 & 2

Motives for Killing 1 & 2

Method of Death 1 - 4

Killed by: 1 - 5

Natural Disasters

Traumas 1 - 5

Method to Release Truamas

Method to Release Truamas

Beneficial Emotions / Behaviours

Non-beneficial Emotions / Behaviours

Emotional Relationships - Who's Involved: Chart 1 – 2

Emotional Relationships - Who's Involved: 10

Emotional Relationships - Who's Involved: 20

Emotional Relationships - Who's Involved: 30

Emotional Relationships - Who's Involved: 40

Entity Clearing 1 & 2

Spiritual Practices 1 – 3

Steps to Clearing 1 & 2

Akashic Record Clearing

Blocks to Healing 1 – 7

Levels of Self

Time Required Between Sessions

Dowse This… Book Series


BONUS - Sample Form Package for Conducting Clearings




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