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My passion is creating tools for dowsers. I love creating books and to create those books I buy books, I take courses, I go to conferences and I spend lots of money and hours upon hours doing the research. The books of charts are tools and contain hundreds and even thousands of possible items for you to use to Delve Deeper. So when you purchase the book you are paying for tools, there is not a lot of written info in the book because then it would not be a book full of dowsing charts but a book  full of explanations. It would not be near as useful as there would not be enough room to create the charts. If you want a book to read then those are available elsewhere. What your purchase includes is charts to add to your toolbox, it does not include unlimited consulting services. (I once had someone get quite rude because I didn't answer her emailed questions quickly enough to suit her?! Which had nothing to do with the purchased content, she desired guidance on dowsing her toolkit)

I do understand that sometimes you may have questions you need answered. I'm not sure how best to supply this service but I find that I spend a lot of time providing consulting services on the fly and not necessarily at a convenient time for me.

You can imagine that with 100's of books being sold I can't always stop what I'm doing to provide consulting services, I find sometimes I sit on the computer for 30 to 60 minutes or more answering peoples questions about what question they should dowse or how to dowse. For years, I was always available to answer all questions, I often became a mentor with the same person constantly asking questions to become a better dowser. This was not one single person but dozens. Moving forward I simply can't provide free consulting for every book that is sold, therefore if you have questions we will need to book a Q&A Session. It will be held over Messenger only. 

This consulting service is only to answer questions you might have about the Dowse This Series of books or charts, I will not be dowsing answers to your questions for you. Although, I may suggest questions. It is also not a teaching session, I will offer group teaching sessions in the future. This is a one on one discussion only via text. This will allow me to book my time appropriately.

What I will need to know prior to the session is which Dowse This Book(s) you own so that I will be able to answer your questions, look up the items during the session on my charts etc. As you can imagine I don't remember what items each chart contains in every book so I also will need to know chart names and the the Chart #'s if you are asking about  certain items on a specific chart.

Please continue to send individual questions about products etc to my email at contact@mirrorwaters.com I will continue to answer at my convenience and discretion. Thank You For Your Understanding.


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