Crystal Grid Mat


Custom Made Flower of Life Crystal Grid Mat ( Crystals not included)

This beautiful and practical pendulum Mat has been created by myself on my home sewing machine. It is NOT perfect, it is NOT professionally created with a digital image on an automated machine. All stitches while done on the machine were hand guided by me. This product was created with Love and Good INTENTIONS. It is made completely with 100% cotton materials. The Flower of Life design is 12" diameter and completed size is approximately 18” x 18”. This mat was a test to see if the size was adequate, make sure that with the batting the crystals would sit properly etc. Even the spheres don't roll when placed. In my Humble Opinion it is perfect, I am making myself another one for casting runes.

I was asked on another site what a crystal grid was and why I would create it as well as how did I dowse the crystals and placements. So I answered there but thought I would place my response here as well in case anyone else was interested. Crystal Grids are used as energetic tools to manifest your goals, desires, and/or intentions.

The grid shown was set up New Years Eve to manifest my goals, desires and intentions for 2019, I have dowsed I will leave this set up until the New Moon. The crystal grid unites the energy of the stones and amplifies your intentions/desires, it is powerful energy. I have 100's of crystals, so I used a combination of intuition and dowsing. I picked up a chosen crystal and then asked if it would be appropriate in my grid and received a yes or a no answer. I then allowed the pendulum to point me to the location on the grid to place the crystal by following the leading edge, for me it will circle when I have reached the proper location to place it. I then placed it and asked if that was correct, in some instances I was required to turn the crystal slightly for perfect placement.

NOTE: If you prefer different colors or color placement contact me after purchase and I will create this according to your request. If you would like a larger size than 18" contact me with your size preference and I will add that to an option in the listing. I can make these up to 82" or possibly even larger although it would be expensive as I would then be using much more fabric, and it would take much more time to create a large Mat/Quilt. If someone wants that option however contact me and we can discuss pricing as it will be a special circumstance.

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