Ask Andy

Ask Andy

This page is an area where the Mirrorwaters Team will attempt to answer general dowsing related questions posed to us. Questions should be general in nature, the kind of questions that will benefit all dowsers, so no questions regarding lost items, and personal questions you have regarding your future etc. We will not be able to post all questions received in the Ask Andy section and will only post names of the questioner if we have explicit permission to do so. Otherwise all names and locations are fictitious.

Q - Who is Andy?

A - Andy is my guide, and I thought it would be fun to name this section in honour of him.

Q - I read the tarot and I also use the pendulum. What is the best way for me to confirm a card in the reading using the pendulum? If the pendulum makes a negative spin over a certain card does it then mean that the card is saying that the person for whom I'm reading has done something not good for him?

A - No in my opinion a negative spin does not mean that the person for whom you are reading has done something not good for him. But it is really up to you to determine what your pendulum signals mean for you. So in this case you could ask your dowsing system (high self, spirit guide or ...) does a negative spin mean that the person for whom I am reading, has done something not good for him? Let your pendulum tell you. It might simply mean that your dowsing system is researching something or it might mean the card is drawn upside down. The way I use the pendulum to assist a Tarot Card read is too do 1 or 2 things.. 1. I will use it to confirm my interpretation of an individual card. I might ask for the most important aspect of a certain card to be pointed out. For instance on the hermit card it might highlight the lamp. Or on the 5 of Pentacles it might highlight the female in the card then I would read the card appropriately using the lamp or female as a focus for the reading. 2. During the reading I generally hold my pendulum while creating the story. When I do this the pendulum will swing in my yes direction as long as I have the story correct but if I hit on a wrong point it will immediately swing in the no direction then I can change the wording until it swings again to yes. (This technique can be used while reading any kind of document or book to indicate truth) For instance if you get a letter from a teacher regarding something your kid has done you can find the parts that are truth and the parts that are speculation. I use this technique when reviewing a resume etc. or editing a document. It is amazingly accurate. 3. Okay I agree I said only 2 things but at the end of the reading you can then use the Percentage Chart to check what percentage correct your interpretation of the cards actually was. If you find that it is not complete you might ask to be shown the card or the card combination that needs to be expanded upon. Hope this Helps Juanita

Feedback - Hi Juanita, Thank you so much for the very valuable insights you have given me concerning the Pendulum and the Tarot. Awesome info! I am so happy that I found your site while researching this information. It's great to know that there are people who are willing to share valuable information without seeking financial gain. Thank you again so much fo sharing with me and I hope to become as adept at interpreting the Tarot and Pendulum as well as you do.

Q - My question is about how to detect gold with dowsing. In my experiments in the garden everything its ok, but in the field something goes wrong. I know that gold has reflections. Is there any technique to overcome this problem and to detect the exact point of gold?

A - Thank your for your question. This is a common question. Unfortunately, it is a hard question to answer, as we are each different and our reasons for not obtaining correct answers can be varied. There could be any number of reasons why you obtain correct answers in your garden but not in the field. But, there is only one person who can fully answer that question and that is you or rather your subconscious mind via your dowsing tool. To assist you in obtaining your answer, however, I did create a chart of several reasons why a dowser might not receive correct answers. If you dowse that your reasons are emotional, then it would be beneficial for you to explore that in more depth with the use of the book "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance." If your reason is related to a past life issue, there will soon be a book available for Exploring your Past life reasons in great detail: "Dowse This... Explore Your Past Live's, Future Live's & Parallel Live's. Beyond this, perhaps performing a clearing before you dowse can help.

Q - Yes, emotions power is much powerful than power of thoughts. Personally I am beginner in dowsing, but I have already some good results. And I think that there is little information about diagnosing and healing mental - emotional with using intuition and pendulum.It could be alternative to psychotherapy methods.Because I am believer in reincarnation theory,I would try dowse searching emotions, feelings or thoughforms from past lives. And if that is true it will mean that also soul has some emotional -mental memory. not only bodies (etheric or physical) And my main question - could you see some changes in yourself or others after clearing/healing 'emotions' ? changes in some aspects of life?

Chris, Poland

A - Chris I agree with you on the power of Emotions! They are the cause of much physical discomfort. I agree that there is very little information about diagnosing and healing mental and emotional using the pendulum. But this has been a subject that has fascinated me for years. My very first experience of clearing emotions from my knee I have written about in the book. I went from having to pick up my leg and move it while sitting to turn in my chair. My knee hurt so bad that I couldn't do anything. In less than 5 minutes after using the pendulum/intent to clear the emotions (which I dowsed and my husband was able to identify the origin of the emotions.) that had accumulated in my knee and was causing me a great deal of discomfort I was able to get up from the table and walk away. With no re-occurrence of the pain. I have many successful stories and events not just from me but many others have shared stories of successes including a change in the behavior of their teenager etc. This for me is confirmation enough that the process works. I have been dowsing emotions for many years. But I only had the most rudimentary charts. Which is why I created the book, because for me dealing with your buried Emotions is the key to good health. I wanted an in depth book that covered many more emotions than what I had on 1 little chart. But even then that 1 little chart was pretty powerful. Recently I dowsed for my husband. I wrote it up to post to some friends on a dowsing list, I will find it and post it to you in a moment. I also believe that finding and clearing events of past reincarnations is an extremely powerful technique. I have created the book in such a way that if you need to clear a past life you will be alerted. Not just a past life but a contract created for this life. Do you ever feel as though you are being given the same lesson over and over. Even after you are sure you got it?! If that happens to me I ask to review the contract in my Akashic Records and have it marked as contract fulfilled or some such thing. The book has an Akashic Record item so that I know that I need to review something in there and do something about it. In the book I give some ideas on what I have done, but they are not rules they are simply ideas and I hope that people will come up with techniques of their own.. I do hope that eventually others will chime in on techniques they to use so I can post them on my website and that can only help others in my opinion. This post is long enough so I will send the dowse that I did for my husband in a separate email. The post I sent to Chris as further explanation to his question can be found in the Reflections Section (Page 2) of this site. It is entitled "A Journey Book Dowse".



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