Investment Charts

A lot of folks including myself like to dowse their investments.

I hope you all understand that I do not give any trading advice, I am not licensed to give trading advice. If you chose to dowse your investments you do so at your own risk. I have provided these charts by request of Mirrorwaters members and not as a recommendation to dowse your investments. NOTE: There is a significant risk of loss when trading any market.

I have had a lot of these charts in my arsenal for awhile but had not thought to share them until one of our community members asked for some investment charts, so I sent them to her. But it got me thinking maybe Beth wasn't the only one who would like to have access to these charts. Beth had suggested these as a chart of the month, but I felt that not everyone would really be interested in this form of chart so decided to just give them away.

I also eventually intend to create a set of Real Estate Investment Charts and have started compiling a list. But I've had no time to really commit to this set of charts at the moment. So if anyone wants some Real Estate charts and wants to create some lists. Email them to me.

In the meantime here are some charts, if you don't find what you want here then email me, we will see what we can do!






I will add a more complete list of Forex Currency Pairs in the Near Future. If someone wants to compile a list and email it to me it will be quicker than if I have to go create the list myself.

Likewise I can do Commodity Charts but again I will need to create a list.





Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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