Quality Handmade Pendulum Mats

Hand Made Pendulum Mat. If you want a specific colour not offered, you can purchase a item which is made to order with your specifications. This is a beautiful Alphabet Pendulum Mat. Both useful and practical I love having a soft mat to place my pendulum on when dowsing so I don't chip the tip off a beautiful crystal pendulum when setting it on a hard surface.

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These beautiful and practical Pendulum Mat's has been created by myself on my home sewing machine. They are NOT perfect, they are NOT professionally created with a digital image on an automated machine. All stitches while done on the machine were hand guided by me. This product was created with Love and Good INTENTIONS in a smoke free home. These mats will be created for you when you have purchased them. You can choose colours of thread and or fabric where appropriate


Handmade Pendulum Pouches

These beautiful quilted pendulum pouches protect your pendulums, the Size is perfect for carrying 1 or 2 pendulums in your pocket or purse, leave one in your vehicle.

They are Handmade by my Grandsons Jayden - Age 11 and Corbin - Age 9. No two are the same but everyone of them is lovely. They have many many different 100% cotton fabrics to choose from and the batting is 100% Cotton.

Size is approximately 2” x 3” but since the lads are creating these this is just a size estimate.

They even include a little card that says something like Handmade by Jayden and Corbin. But again everyone is different.

Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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