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I introduce New Charts all the time, often the first time someone see's a new chart is if I have it posted as a Chart of the Month but of course I only post 12 of those each year, so today I thought I should create a page to let you know what I've been working on.

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Please let me know what you think does this simplify the shopping experience or complicate it. I have created the Discounted Charts Sections. Choose you most appropriate Printing size to find the What's New and Discounted Charts Sections.

Mirrorwaters Bookstore Published - February 10th, 2019

Remember that each of these items if posted twice are the same set of charts just available in Alternative Printing options please only purchase the one that will print perfectly on your printer.

  Handmade Pendulum Pouches

These beautiful quilted pendulum pouches protect your pendulums, the Size is perfect for carrying 1 or 2 pendulums in your pocket or purse, leave one in your vehicle.

They are Handmade by my Grandsons Jayden - Age 11 and Corbin - Age 9. No two are the same but everyone of them is lovely. They have many many different 100% cotton fabrics to choose from and the batting is 100% Cotton.

Size is approximately 2” x 3” but since the lads are creating these this is just a size estimate.

They even include a little card that says something like Handmade by Jayden and Corbin. But again everyone is different.

  Handmade Medicine Wheel Mat

This Listing is for a Custom Made Medicine Wheel Circular Mat ( Crystals & Accessories not included)

This beautiful and practical Medicine Wheel Circular Mat has been created by myself on my home sewing machine. It is NOT perfect, it is NOT professionally created with a digital image on an automated machine. All stitches while done on the machine were hand guided by me. This product was created with Love and Good INTENTIONS. The Mat contains 2 layers of bamboo matting and is made with Natural products, Cotton and Bamboo. Even crystal spheres don't roll when placed. In my Humble Opinion it is perfect.

If you prefer different colors or color placement contact me after purchase and I will create this according to your request. If you would like a larger size than 18" contact me with your size preference and I will add that to an option in the listing. I can make these up to 82" or possibly even larger although the price per unit would be more than 4" as I would then be using much more fabric, and it would take much more time to create a large Mat. If someone wants that option however contact me and we can discuss pricing as it will be a special circumstance.

I had to come up with some sort of pricing for this so I could offer different sizes, so I dowsed that it should be $4.00 an inch with a minimum of 5" because making it smaller would be a challenge (not one I could not do if desired, but the smaller ones are actually more difficult so price would stay the same)

NOTE: The Mat in the Picture is SOLD, it is a representation of what you are buying. Each Mat is made to order according to your specifications

  Homeopathic Remedies for Cold, Coughs & Flu
  • This large set of Charts contains.
  • 1 - Homeopathic Remedies for Cold
  • 1 - Homeopathic Remedies for Cough
  • 1 - Homeopathic Remedies for Flu
  • 41 - Homeopathic Remedies Transmitters Potency 30C
  • 41 - Homeopathic Remedies Transmitters Potency 200C
  • 4 - Blank Homeopathic Remedies Transmitters
  • 1 - Blank 4 to 1 page Small Homeopathic Remedies Transmitters

The Homeopathic Remedies Transmitters are all filled in with the appropriate Radionic Rate for the Homeopathic Remedy and also some blanks for your convenience.

If you are not sure how to use the Transmitters check out the Dowse This Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_0KTNztgnVSujOH... Don't forget to Subscribe to my Channel while you are there.


  Lori's Back

Life seems to come full circle.

In 2005, Juanita and I met on a dowsing group of all places. I was brand new and inexperienced, floundering in a sea of life-long dowsers and professionals. Oh, I was/am a gifted psychic and medium, but dowsing was a new monkey!

Juanita, seeming to know I was drowning in that sea, stepped up and took me under her wing. She taught me everything I know about dowsing and we developed a fast and firm kinship.

Together we developed Mirrorwaters, and it grew to be a major resource for all things dowsing, but over time I ventured off on my own for a while to spread my wings and gain more experience doing my readings and maturing as a dowser, while Juanita continued to expand Mirrorwaters into the most expansive collection of dowsing information on the Internet. During that time, I created Lone Star Medium and was soon servicing clients all over the world. It is my passion and my purpose. Eventually, I made my way back "home" and we're back, working together again, and stronger than ever.

If you are newer to Mirrorwaters and curious about me, I have been "gifted" all my life. I started out at about 8 years old by hearing dead people. Soon I was seeing their energy, and began feeling their presence with my body. Today, I am a full-blown remote viewer, psychic/medium, and energy worker. I can look inside your body and tell you if there are problems there that doctors haven't spotted. I can change your energy to help you sleep better at night, or clear your home, or pretty much anything you need done.

If you need help or guidance with anything, I'm just click away and I'm ready work with you. I am Lone Star Medium.



  Messages From Andy - Cost $60.00

When you purchase a Message from Andy, Juanita will dowse a Tarot Deck and maybe a book to receive the message, as well as the number of cards (maximum of 3 cards for the $60 price), using the Tarot Representations chart Juanita will dowse what each card represents. Each message generally takes at least a half hour of Juanita’s time, possibly more depending on the number of cards that Juanita is directed to dowse and will be shared via Private Message or Email (your choice). I will also include the Delve Deeper Questions for you to dowse for further insight.

Further Instructions are included in the Purchase Download

Use Coupon Code as the Subject of your Email.

If you have never seen a Message from Andy click Here for a Sample.


Tarot Dowsing Set - $14.50

Build Your Own Spread. I actually like to dowse the card then dowse what it represents, some of the options are "What you Need to Know", "What is Hidden", "Next Step", "What's Blocking You" etc. on 7 charts containing 146 possible options and 2 Charts for Relationship Spreads containing another 48 options that can be used to further define that card meanings or to design a spread to help you get the answers you truly need to know. I have been testing this set of charts and I truly do love it. It has really improved my messages. These charts can also be used with your favourite oracle deck. For those that are not currently a member of the Mirrorwaters Facebook Group, I have been dowsing a daily message from my guide Andy for a few months. Come join us and it can help you Delve Deeper with Dowsing.

Included with this Tarot Set are 5 Charts for dowsing the Rider Waite Tarot, there are many places on the internet available to assist you in interpreting the cards.

Also included as a bonus is a chart with Numbers to dowse the number of cards you should draw for your spread, message, guidance, reading etc.

There are 15 charts included with the purchase of this Tarot Dowsing set.

There are 3 files included for download in this dowsing set.



Anatomy of the Ear / Nose / Throat - $15.50

This Chart set contains 12 charts. They are Anatomy Charts for pinpointing areas of concern
The charts included in this set are
Risk Chart 1
Ear Anatomy Chart 2 thru 8
Nose Charts 9 thru 11
Throat / Mouth Chart 12
This set of charts can stand alone but used with other books in the Dowse This Series you can only enhance your knowledge and healing of the issue.

This set of charts is the Chart of the Month for April 2109 - Enter Code COM042109 at Checkout for 25% off


Published - April 14th, 2019



Published - April 5th, 2019

Custom Charts Based on Your Tarot Deck - $19.98

When you purchase this Chart you will receive a set of 5 Dowsing Charts based on the Popular Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Which is includes the Major Arcana, The Suit of Swords, The Suit of Wands, the Suit of Cups & the Suit of Pentacles.

Plus, I will create for you a set of charts based on your favourite Tarot or Oracle Deck, you will need to send me a list of the Cards that are in your deck as I do have a limited amount of decks myself and most decks are slightly different. I will create the charts and email a PDF to you within 3 days of receiving your list. Most times within a few hours.a 25% discount on the cost of each chart set if you have 5 or more decks that you would like charts for. They must all be purchased at the same time to receive this discount.



Published - March 23rd, 2019

$50 Value Gift Card - $40.00 (Only 4 Available)

Use this card anytime you like, it never expires. When you purchase this Gift Card you get the discount. How cool is that? After purchase you will be sent a Download Link for you to download your Discount Card worth $50, just pass on the Gift Code to whomever you choose. There are only 4 available at this price.


Published - March 20th, 2019

Best Way to Offer Forgiveness for Situation - $6.00

This set of Charts is entitled Best Way to Offer Forgiveness for Situation.

This set of charts came about because on the Mirrorwaters Facebook Group Page while working through an Emotional Healing Protocol Forgiveness kept coming up. This is of course key to healing so many aspects of self and taking back your power, healing pain and other issues. If one begins to do the research into that which is hidden to conscious thought you will find that you have many grievances stored that you had no clue of.

Take for instance I was doing a Youtube video of the protocol I was teaching, I found an emotion of disappointment in my shoulder, acquired at the age of 3 against an Uncle!!!!! How does one discover these things if they don't dowse them? At 3 I was thinking that how could this still be with me?? I'm nearly 60! I dowsed I needed to forgive my Uncle for the slight, which on much reflection and dowsing was due to the fact that he promised us a ride in his new convertible while he was home on leave from the military, and he didn't take us after all, you would think this would not be a big deal but apparently somewhere deep in my subconscious I refused to forget or forgive for almost 56 years!!!!

Anyway, as we were working through the process someone asked but how do I forgive? Forgiveness does not need to be complicated, forgiveness is for you! It is not about the other person. If I were to phone my Uncle and say "I forgive you" he would wonder for what! He would probably think I was nuts for bringing up a grievance about something he did when I was 3! He is a really great Uncle and has been my whole life, why would I store this one admittedly silly grievance, when I have so many wonderful memories of him and the kind things he has done? Your guess would be as good as mine!

We decided on the group that a chart of the various ways to forgive would be beneficial especially for those things you Don't want to forgive, the really big things that don't DESERVE Forgiveness! After all your feelings of Anger and Depression etc are hurting the other person as long as you maintain them and refuse Forgiveness right? NO, when you hold onto these things you are harming you, only you, let it go.



Published - March 20th, 2019

Sufi Saints - $14.00

Sufi saints have played an instrumental part in spreading Islam throughout the world. The Sufi Saints are also known as Wali, however the charts have been titled Sufi Saints. I have collected a list of 205 Sufi Saints or Wali mostly from Wikipedia, there are 10 Charts included in this set. I have also indulged in a bit more research but I am afraid that I cannot do this subject justice. I am sure that anyone interested in a chart of Sufi Saints will have far more information on the subject than I ever will. I do welcome input and am willing to make changes to make these charts more functional for your use if they are not already.

The Wali are said serve as separate celestial functions, in a manner much like the angels., the various types of saints play different roles in the celestial realms.



Published - February 21st, 2019

Mirrorwaters Catalogue and Store Dowsing Charts

Updated the Catalogue Feb 20th, 2019

Download Here, scroll to bottom of store listings

I deleted the Instant Chat option today. I dislike annoying invitations to chat! please feel free to email me at contact@mirrorwaters.com if you have questions. Or if you have an apple device send me a text to my IPad, same email should work.

Measurement Meters - $0.00 - 100% Discount

I have added 2 Measurement Meters to use for any number of dowsing applications. Chart 2 measures -10 to +10 and Chart 2 measures -100 to +100



Published - February 19th, 2019

Percentage/Probability Charts - $0.00 - 100% Discount

The Percentage/Probability Chart is the chart that we recommend you use in 100% of your dowsing sessions. The value of a Yes/No type question is questionable. There are always Levels of Yes and No even when not dowsing. There is a valuable article on this in the Reflections section of Mirrorwaters. But consider if your best friend asks you does this article of clothing look good on me. Sure it does, but maybe it is pulling at the shoulders a bit…. Are you going to say yes BUT a different color might be better, or there is a thread hanging, or its pulling at the shoulder etc.. So Yes it looks good BUT… The Percentage/Probability allows us to gauge the BUT in the Yes answer. Yes I want to go out on Friday night BUT there is a chance that I have to work late. Yes I will go out as Long as…. I don’t have to work late, my mother doesn’t call with an emergency, my baby doesn’t get sick, the dog doesn’t run away

We also do have a Percentage/Probability Dowsing Chart that has all the increments in the way of lines from 1 thru100 to fine tune those measurements that is a purchase option.



Published - February 19th, 2019

Type of Psychic Attack Charts - $6.00

Set of 2 charts to Dowse for Type of Psychic Attack to go with the Reasons for Psychic Attacks that I created a few months ago. Several folks wanted to know if I had a chart that would show the form/type of Attack. So of course there are the standard Hex, Curse etc. as well as other items such as Black Magic, Bewitchment, Enchantments, Intent etc. When I shared this with my chart reviewers there main comment was WOW!

Published - February 9th, 2019




Bacteria Charts - $15.50 - Discounted 45%

Note: These are Now Chart of the Month and you will receive an additional 25% Discount until February 28th. Use Code COM022019 at Checkout

This Chart set contains 12 charts. They will assist you in dowsing for Bacteria in your body your etheric bodies etc The charts included in this set are - Hertz Frequency Chart 1 ($5 Value)- Risk Chart 2 ($5 Value)- Levels of Self Chart 3 ($5 Value)- Bacteria Charts 4 thru 12 ($13 Value)

You could begin by Dowsing the Bacteria, then move on to the Levels of Self Chart and see if the Bacteria is currently located in any of your bodies or Levels of Self. You can check to see if the Bacteria was inherited, airborne, or if you have had physical contact with someone infected. Then check to see Risk of actually becoming ill. Raise the Frequency of Your body to an appropriate level to prevent illness. Change the Frequency of the Bacteria so it will have no effect on you. You could choose to Clear, dissolve, change the frequency, neutralize the Bacteria discovered with intention and attention. Using the pendulum, allow the pendulum to spin in the required direction to clear. Generally Counter Clockwise but there are times a Rebalance may be required so allow it to spin in either Clockwise or Counter Clockwise. This set of charts can stand alone but used with other books in the Dowse This Series you can only enhance your knowledge and healing of the issue. Another technique that I have used is to energetically download an antibiotic, medication or homeopathic remedy if required, if you are downloading medication request that it is an appropriate strength for the highest good of your body, ask that any non-beneficial proprieties of the medications be neutralized and removed from the energetic download.

Published - January 18th, 2019




Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics - $8 - Discounted 33%

There are 4 charts in this set, 3 with Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics to dowse and one Herbal Dosage Chart which currently sells on this website as a stand alone for $5.


Published - January 20th, 2019





Life Purpose / Lessons / Tasks Charts - $15.50

Many people want to learn why they are here, why they keep getting hit with the same basic life events over and over in life. They want to know if they are living their Soul's Purpose. This set of 14 charts with 307 dowseable options is a great set of charts to help you discover your Life Purpose, Your Tasks, Your Life Lessons. The full current title of the charts is Life Purpose / Lesson / Task but the charts on not limited to only dowsing the items in the title. The original incarnation of these charts can be found in the book Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives I have added many more items since that book was released.

Published - January 17th, 2019



Dowse This... Managing Anxiety - $35.50

This book contains 83 dowsing charts for the discerning dowser to use to determine possible causes of anxiety as well as possible ways to manage it.

We at Dowse This have been creating dowsing charts for over 10 years to empower dowsers to become detectives in their own well being. This book is one in a series of 15 books currently available in the Dowse This series with more being worked on regularly. The books in the Dowse This series are designed to work as either stand alone or as a huge arsenal of informational tools. Using these tools enables you to quickly find the information you desire.

For a complete List of charts in this book check out this page

Published - January 3rd, 2019



Handmade Crystal Grid Mat - $75

This beautiful and practical pendulum Mat has been created by myself on my home sewing machine. It is NOT perfect, it is NOT professionally created with a digital image on an automated machine. All stitches while done on the machine were hand guided by me. This product was created with Love and Good INTENTIONS. It is made completely with 100% cotton materials. The Flower of Life design is 12" completed diameter, entire Mat is 18" square.

For more information on this Crystal Grid Mat please check out this LINK

Listed - January 1st, 2019



Hormesis Response Dowsing Chart - $5

I created this chart today so I could explain to someone on the Mirrorwaters Facebook Group how I dowse dosages. The Hormesis Effect or Hormesis Response refers to the well known fact that that a substance that can be beneficial in low doses can be toxic at high doses. Take for instance arsenic, in a very low dowse it can be beneficial and a substance used by the body, but if you take a high dose it can be lethal. So when you dowse using the Hormesis Theory you could ask about exercise or medication or whatever beneficial/non beneficial levels you wish to dowse.

If you plan to hit the gym 3 days next week you could dowse if that is optimal for you. If you dowse on the excess side of the chart you could cut it down to 2 days or maybe you dowse on the left side you could see that its good but maybe not enough and you could add in a 4th day. Or if you dowse to take 1 tablet of the thyroid medication and one tablet of anxiety medication at 8 am then you can dowse where on the curve that will fall and modify as appropriate. When dowsing supplements etc. I dowse for the Hormesis Response. Could not adequately explain the theory without a chart, so today I created this chart.

Published - January 20th, 2018




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