Astrology Dowsing Charts

We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart. We have published several Chart Dowsing Books with more being worked on daily.

We offer you this Downloadable set of Astrology Dowsing Charts in PDF format.

  • The chart set contains 5 charts
  • - Lunar Phases
  • - Signs of the Zodiac - Houses
  • - Signs of the Zodiac - The Planets
  • - Signs of the Zodiac - The Aspects
  • - Blank Astrology Chart




    Or if you prefer to print the charts in the European A4 Size of Paper you can access those charts at the link below.


    To purchase other fine Dowsing Chart Books created by your Mirrorwaters Team check out. Dowse This at





Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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