Thoughtform Injuries/Wounds

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Thoughtform Injuries/Wounds


Interesting how powerful that a thoughtform really is. A thoughtform is basically an intention, and we all know that intention is very powerful, and we use it in our dowsing daily.

A few years ago I had a client I was dowsing with; the charts indicated that I needed to look for and heal thoughtform wounds. I was expecting a possible knife in the back, as we often feel that someone has stabbed us in the back. By the way, if you have ever felt this way check for possible thoughtform wounds. Check to see if the knife is still there. If so, I will explain in a moment how I would go about removing it. So, I pulled out my graphic of the human body and dowsed the location of the wound.

Interestingly, the wounds were on her wrist. I looked at her a bit confused and she had the deer-in-the-headlight look like she had a secret she didn’t want to share. So, I asked if there was anything I needed to know. She admitted that she has struggled almost daily with thoughts of self-termination. Whenever something went wrong in her life she would consider and often visualize slicing her wrists. Sometimes, the tool was a razor blade, sometimes glass, sometimes a knife. In most instances it was just a passing thought, but on a bad day, when she was much younger, she said she would often sit with a tool and look at her wrist, considering the option but never touching the skin. So she had never actually followed through and, therefore, there was no visual evidence of injury, but there were certainly wounds that required healing. She truly never even considered that she was actually injuring herself with her thoughts. She also assured me that she had no intention of ever actually following through, as she had much to live for and she knew that self-termination was not the answer, so I need not worry. But still she injured herself almost every day and presented with Carpal Tunnel issues. She has become more aware of the way her thoughts can cause injury and is now more aware of what her thoughts can do.

When I contacted her for permission to share this story, she said she still has these thoughts occasionally, but when she does she instantly sends love and healing to her wrists.

Now, as for a knife in the back, or a similar psychic wound, think about how we get the knife in our back. When someone is ‘stabbing you in the back’ are they thinking about actually stabbing you in the back? Are they intending and visualizing ‘stabbing you in the back’? No, they are preforming an act which you have perceived as being stabbed in the back. People will often state, “I feel, like I’ve been stabbed in the back” or “so-and-so stabbed me in the back,” etc. So if you think about this, was it actually ‘so-and-so’ who caused the psychic/thoughtform wound in your back? Or did you actually cause the issue with your thoughts? Good question, right?

So, now you have discovered that you have a knife in the back. What are you going to do about it? Do you simply pull it out or remove it without considering that there may be residual injuries? Consider the possible injuries that a physical knife might cause to your body. You may have internal injuries; you would have a physical wound that would need to be sealed upon removal. Before you removed the knife you would want to be sure that all the internal wounds where healed. Just because you can’t see the internal damage does not mean it does not exist. So, you would need to resolve those possible issues before removing the weapon. Next, you would seal the visible wound, then the rips or tears in the Auric Field. You would need to clear any emotional issues surrounding the event, as well as any Negative Imprints acquired. Just because you have forgotten an issue that you may have had with someone years ago does not mean that you don’t still carry the scars. I could provide you with a protocol for clearing, but I find when providing a protocol people tend to simply follow the protocol, a predefined lists of steps and this works but variables can be missed. This is why I teach by asking you to consider the issues that could occur. This also invites your intuition to provide you with guidance. Be open to the random thoughts that occur that you may think have nothing to do with the issue, and dowse, write down the random thoughts, and formulate questions surrounding the thought. Often, you will be amazed at what comes through your intuition. By honoring our intuitive thoughts we become more open to receiving them.

Take some time to find and clear hidden and buried emotions. The book “Dowse This… Your Journey to Emotional Balance” was created almost 20 years ago. It was a work in progress for several years prior to publication while I collected knowledge and data to be able to create a book that would be useful. Back when I started creating my charts, there was almost nothing available regarding the trauma that hidden and buried emotions can cause, but I had a vision: to find and clear hidden and buried Imprints such as “I’m such a loser”, “I don’t deserve to live” etc. You can use the book “Dowse This… Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints” which also took years to finalize. I created my first Negative Imprint Chart when creating the Journey Book. I then collected more possible Imprints over the next several years. I thought about possible imprints almost daily and kept a running list of the words I read and heard and simply thought of - the words used by people to disempower. The thoughts that we ourselves think about ourselves. These words and thoughts have the ability to harm us. . Take time to heal and pay attention to how you abuse yourself, become aware and learn to treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve.

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