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Dowsers Helping Dowsers

Dowse This

Dowse This Book Sales

Expert in Geopathic Stress Detection and Healing

- Dowsing Courses, Geomancer (Earth Healer)

InsightsRUS.com - Lori's Website

Animal Communicator - Paula (Mirrorwaters Member)

Sedona Portal - Dowsing Courses and Much More

Susan Collins- Intuitive Consultant, Dowsing Teacher

Pendulum Pen and Ink. - Quality Handmade Pendulums

Ask-Lois - Intuitive Consultant

Ozark Research Institute

Raymon Grace

Letter To Robin by Walt Woods

Dowsing, Spirituality, & the Kabbalah Connection - Joey Korn

3H Dowsing - Anneliese Hagemann

Eric Dowsett

Sixth Sense Consulting 

The Pendulist Blogger 

Digital Dowsers Homepage

Dowsing Groups

Toronto Dowsers

Canadian Society of Questers

Canadian Society of Dowsers

L'association des radiesthésistes du Québec

American Society of Dowsers

Dowsing Society of Victoria - Australia

British Society of Dowsers

The New Zealand Society of Dowsing & Radionics Inc

Swedish Society of Dowsers

Irish Society of Diviners

Società Italiana di Radionica

Asociacion Radionica Argentina

If your group is not listed please submit your information and link to us.

Other Links of Interest

Heal Yourself 101 - Markus Rothkranz

Pete Bernard - The Algonquin Shaman

Hawaiian Prayer

Dr. Emoto's Messages from Water


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