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The Daily Devotional Chart was originally created to be a Chart of the Month. We have decided since it is so important to show that Dowsing is/can be compatible with Religion that we would continue to offer it for download on our site for the next few months.

Daily Devotional Dowsing Chart

Formated for European Printing

This Chart is a multi-page chart set.

When using these charts I first start with Chart 1; "Daily Devotional" and ask something like...

Where do I need to read today for my Daily Devotional?
Your dowsing will indicate either the Old or New Testament.

Next I will go to the indicated chart and ask again...
Which Book in the "answer from previous chart" do I need to read today?

The number in Brackets indicates the number of Chapters in each Book.

After that, I will go to the Chart labeled "Bible Chapter & Verse" and ask...
Which Chapter of Book "answer from previous chart" do I need to read today?
If you get an answer larger than 9, don't forget to check to see if you also need a lower number 1-9; at this point if I just need to read Chapter 20 my pendulum will move into a NO movement to indicate no further numbers required.

I will then ask...
Which Verse of Book "answer from Bible Book chart" do I need to read today?
I will finish up by asking...
How many verses do I need to read to complete my Daily Devotional Reading?

Of course these questions are just examples and you will need to adapt them to your particular circumstance.

Dowsing Using the Daily Devotional Chart --

This chart's could be helpful when:

  • Asking for Guidance from the Bible on a specific problem?

  • Just wanting to get some guidance for your day?

I would like to apologize to those of other faiths as I do not have the knowledge or resources (books to research) to create a chart that is appropriate to your faith. However, if anyone would like a chart added for your faith please feel free to send me lists of items to be added to a chart or charts and I will create an appropriate Daily Devotional and add them here.

Note: Pay very close attention your questions. The answer you dowse is very dependent on the question you ask.

We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart.

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Daily Devotional Chart of the Month


I really like the this type of format in helps me tie into my Catholic Faith. Yes, I am a practicing Catholic and find using my pendulum through prayer helps me immensely.

My husband is always making comments like doing the "BONES" (pendulum) again? He believes it to be sacrilegious.

I believe it helps to connect deeper with the holy spirit and the messengers my divine God as provided me with for guidance. I my husband's comments deeply hurtful.

Funny when he wants to know something he will say things like, "not that I believe in it, but what do you get from the ....?

He just had a big Job interview out West in Fort St. John and it is obvious he wants to ask. We used to live in a town called Edson AB.

I think he is afraid they are telling me about the affair he had on me.

He has told me some of the things that happened with this woman, but refuses to tell the whole story. So tends to panic or get upset when he sees me dowsing.

Anyway... if you have more religious type information in the Roman Catholic faith, I would love to hear it. Easter is my favorite time of year!

Thanks for offering such a wonderful site, I love it.

Cathy Murphy
Sault Ste. Marie ON