Dowsing Percentage / Probability

Dowsing Percentage / Probability


Asking the Right Question

Utilizing Percentage and Probability in your dowsing is one of the most powerful tools that I know to improve your dowsing accuracy.

Consider that for many, the basic dowsing adventure is to ask for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers to specific questions. In my opinion there rarely is ever a clear cut Yes or No answer in life. Consider the common question. Is Arsenic good for my body? Well the answer to that question would be ‘Yes’ it is good for your body. But how much will produce what degree of benefit? How much is too much?


Does my car need Gas? Yes your car needs gas to run it cannot run without gas. These questions not only demonstrate the requirement of a well thought out question but also, what I like to call, Levels of Yes or No.

In my house the Percentage / Probability is the most used Chart of all. My husband uses it every day. He gets ornery if his percentage/probability chart is not on the kitchen table where it belongs! In fact we have small 3.5 x 5” laminated Percentage / Probability charts in almost every room of our house as well as our vehicles and my purse. My husband carries one in his lunch kit in case he needs it while he’s at work.

Some of the things we might ask are… What is the probability of 'this event' occurring? What will be the percentage return on our investment if we purchase this newsletter/stock? What is the probability of achieving this return? Show me what will be the beneficial effect on my body if I ingest the "name" supplement/medication? What will be the relative benefit to my body at this time if I take this particular vaccination? What will be the benefit to my body over the next ten years if I take this vaccination? Show me what will be the detrimental effect on my body if I ingest the "name" supplement/medication? What percentage of all the crystals in my home are clear of detrimental energy?

When making a decision, say for a job, a car, an appliance outline what you are looking for ... in terms of suitability, quality, cost/wage etc Then you might ask something like... If I accept the job at "the hospital", what will be my level of job satisfaction? If I accept the job at the government what will be my level of satisfaction? What is the probability of this job being offered to me?

When clearing detrimental energies I may clear and assume that it is 100% clear? But if I check on the chart for a level of clearing completed, I will sometimes find that there is still a bit of clearing remaining to be done. So I will need to clear again, look for something hidden etc. until I get confirmation that the item is 100% clear. I like to see the level of the remaining as opposed to just asking if it is cleared. It gives me an indication of how effective my clearing was/is.

When dowsing the future, probability is probably the most valuable aspect of acquiring an answer that is beneficial to your success. When you consider that the future is constantly being affected by the free will and choice of numerous individuals, as well as the environment that is created by the free will and choice of these individuals. Lets not forget that Mother Nature could also be included in this equation. The future really can, and does change, every single day. In fact the future could easily be changed simply by your dowsing a specific answer to your question. How you react to the answer etc. So you should, in my opinion, when dowsing the future, write down your exact question used, because your answers are also a reflection of the question asked. If you are going to recheck your probability of an event occurring again in a few weeks then you should be consistent in the question you are asking each time.

But as with every question, be careful. Always “Know” what you are asking so that you are getting the correct answer to your question. Not just an answer to what you think you asked? Again, it is beneficial to write down the actual question. Many dowsers have been confused by a clear cut answer to a question and then the event not taking place as dowsed. Most times when we hear “my pendulum was wrong”, it is generally due to a misunderstanding of the question asked and, more importantly, only a small probability of the even actually occurring or a small degree of benefit. In a general Yes or No form of Question even a small benefit may generate an affirmative result.

In all likely hood when you begin to use the Percentage / Probability Chart, you will want to use it to ask about anything and everything.

Laminated Pocket size charts are available by special request.


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