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The Messages from Andy group is all about self-enlightenment, self-empowerment, introspection, journaling prompts and dowsing exercises to increase self-awareness.

Give yourself this gift today!

Who's Andy you might ask? He is my guide he has been my guide for the last 20 years. We have a great working relationship, Some days we argue (I rarely win) but most days we are pretty much in sync.

This is the process I use when dowsing the daily messages from Andy.

Each message is dowsed each day as I think it is significant for the day it is dowsed.

I have created four different tiers so I can offer multiple benefits. I love giving away free charts, and involving the community in the creation of charts etc. This should allow me to create a safe environment.

Tier One - Dowsed Daily Inspiration access is $5/month

This tier Each Day we offer a Daily Inspiration, a positive attribute or virtue for your exploration. With each inspiring word or short phrase we include Delve Deeper Questions and a Reflections section to prompt you for Daily Journaling. Here we also welcome general comments etc. Much like the Facebook Group, but more secure.

Find links below to samples of the type of Dowsed Daily Inspirational Words for Exploration that we do every day

Explore Happiness

Explore Listening

Explore Worthiness

Tier Two - Messages from Andy is $15.50 per month

Daily Inspiration & Daily Messages from Andy. The same quality and effort that you were seeing on the Facebook group for the last several months.

Explore Being a Victim

Explore Change

Explore Releasing Your Stories

Tier Three - Delve Deeper with Andy is $25.00 per month

Daily Inspiration & Messages from Andy and at least one free chart or chart set per month. Request Charts you would like to see etc. We will also share hints to dowse using charts and books.

Tier Four - Andy's Detectives is $35.00 per month

Daily Inspiration, Messages from Andy, Delve Deeper with Andy plus pdf booklet of Andy Messages and the Daily Inspirational words booklet monthly. I will also give out coupons, special offers such as Custom chart creation, discounts and monthly draws for readings from The Lone Star Medium, Tarot Readings, Andy Messages or Handmade Pendulum Mats, and anything else WE can think of. The more members we have at this level the more stuff we can give away, so if you like what you get here tell your friends. We also plan on sharing video's on this tier.

Sample Page From Book
Sample Page from Book

This is all being hosted on, unfortunately I cannot go through my store as they do not do subscription payments so it is all done though Paypal.

Once you select a Subscription and Pay with Paypal I will add you to the group.


Membership Tiers

Still not sure? We are offering a 7 Day free Trial to the Daily Inspiration group, just send me an email and ask to be sent an invitation to the group. You will be sent an invitation were you can register on the site and gain access to 7 days of exploration and self reflection.

For Your Convenience I have created an unsubscribe button.


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