Dowse This... Angelic Assistance



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This booklet contains 63 Charts that will add to your Dowsing Tool Chest. You can dowse your most appropriate angel guides, there are also 8 charts containing 197 possible Angel Messages.

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Kim Watts at Gypsy Wylde Art has created an amazing assortment of Angel Pendulums especially for use with this book. Aren't they just beautiful.


Master Chart

Am I Ready to Dowse – 1 & 2

Request Assistance – 1 - 3

Focused Questions

Blocks to Dowsing Correct Answers

Percentage Chart

Level of Benefit

Alphabet Chart

Beings of Light

Hierarchy Angelic Assistance 1 – 14

Doreen Virtues Angel Names


Ascended Masters

72 Names of God - 1 - 3

The Apostles of Jesus

Popular Christian Saints 1 - 3

Nature Spirits 1 – 3

Fallen Angels 1 - 4

Entities – 1 & 2

Angelic Guidance 1 - 8

Daily Devotional 1 - 4

Dowse This… Book Series - 1 & 2



Enter DT-ASSISTANCE25 at checkout for 25% off

Offer Expires November 30, 2018