The Many Faucets of Dowsing

"The Many Faucets of Dowsing" by Joe Smith

Dowsing has many uses; here are a few of the ones we use dowsing for. You probably can add to the list. There is no limit to the use of dowsing. The limit comes with your hang-ups and the lack of imagination.

  • Location of under ground water veins and water aquifers. Each has its own different signature. It takes time to learn to dowse each one.
  • Oil, natural gas, minerals, such as gold, are found by dowsing, it all depends on the line of questions.
  • Buried objects; such as water lines, telephone lines, sewer pipes, graves, property lines, (and their markers), artifacts of all types
  • Lost objects; missing people ( always ask if they want to be found), missing planes , tools you have misplaced, personal items such as car keys, wallets, purses, so-forth.
  • Personal health and well being; dowse for what vitamins you need or even the meds the doctor gives you. Balance your Chakras very easy by dowsing, self healing, mental and physical
  • Communication with your spirit guides and guardian angels. We all have them, learn to use them. That is why we have them, to help us.
  • Location of detrimental energies and removing them by dowsing around your home or work place.
  • Map dowsing; this could encompass all the preceding subjects. Some are searching for lost people, planes, detrimental energy. This can also be used to find where that big buck is hiding in deer season, where that big bass is laying.
  • Police work; this is where you need to be real careful. Finding a dead person puts you in the suspect list real quick. Wait till they ask for help. Don’t let your ego take over.
  • Investing; Stock market, oil ventures, Real-estate, mutual funds, All can be checked out with dowsing.
  • Weather forecasting; can be done on maps or by informational dowsing, which ever is handiest. This is a good use of dowsing during the winter months and also in the tornado season, or before taking a trip.
  • Farming; what to plant each year depends on how much rain is going to be there for you plants. All of this is done by dowsing the future weather possibilities. If Rain is going to be short then plant a crop that doesn’t take as much rain to make a good crop. If it seems that rain will be plentiful, and then plant corn.
  • There are many more uses for dowsing not listed here. This is just some of the ones I use. But this gives you a small idea how it can be used. Joe Smith

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