Map Dowsing Lesson

“Joe Smiths Dowsing Lesson”

"Map Dowsing"

OK, the class will start, pay attention please. Print your map out of the hudson bay area. and place it on the desk in front of you. Ahh that's good. Now take the center finger of your dominate hand, in my case it is the right hand. Start on the side of the map asking for Natural Gas in comercial quanities. As you lightly rub across the map the finger will tend to stick or stop. Mark that spot then move over an inch and repeat the process. . Soon you will have the out line of a large gas zone. It should go half way up to the middle of bay. Once you get that done switch your program to Oil. The oil zone is not the same as the gas. So dowse that also on a separate map and mark it.

This method can be use for a lot of things. Even the yes no response. I was driving home yesterday from an all day dowing job in Kansas and needed to ask some yes no question. With out looking for a pendulum , I just rubbed the gear shift knob with my thumb and for a yes it would stick, for a know it would not. So many things you can do with this simple method. So don't just sit there with your mouth open, get to work. Joe


 To just print the picture, place your mouse on the picture and right click. A menu will appear and one of the items in the menu should be 'Print Picture'. Just select that option choose your printer and good luck on the lesson!


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