My Life & Times as Harve Bodine

Author: Joe H. Smith is an accomplished Dowser and Author.

Joe together with his wife Marta teach dowsing at Dowsing Conferences in the USA and Canada, as well they are regular speakers at the Ozark Research Institute. Joe was awarded the American Society of Dowsers 2007 Dowser of the Year Award and is the Regional Vice President of the ASD UPPER MIDWEST. He also served as a trustee on the Board of the American Society of Dowsers for many years. He has contributed much to the world of dowsing. If anyone has ever had the privilege of being in one of Joe and Marta's classes he will entertain you with stories of his dowsing adventures. Joe has dowsed for oil wells, water wells and is also a gifted healer; although Joe will tell you that he actually isn't the healer - he facilitates the healing, but God does the work. Joe also creates: High Quality solid brass Pendulums on his Lathe, L-Rods, Bobbers, Y-Rods and beautiful leather work medallions. Joe has written articles for his local newspaper for years but his latest work is a novel he wrote based on a past life regression he had several years ago. The story formed over several years and finally grew into a wonderfully entertaining novel based in the WILD WEST. Full of adventure! My personal favourite is the cattle rustling adventure. Harve is a busy guy getting himself into and out of trouble. Keeps you reading to the last page.

Harve and Cochita then and now.

His book can be purchased online at and Barnes and Nobles. Or maybe you could contact Joe personally to obtain an autographed copy of his book. Or ask Joe to make you one of his beautifully crafted dowsing instruments. Here is what Joe has to say about his book.

The story about this novel started in Dallas when Sandee Mac did a past life regression on me. It seems that I rode with the Quantrell Raiders. My name was Harve Bodine. Some time after that reading when my wife (Marta) and I were driving through New Mexico we stopped at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. to get a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. We had heard they were as big as a cow pie. When I walked into the hotel I had the strong feeling of deja vu. I felt like I had been there before. It turns out that 26 men had died in that hotel in the 1800's. It was full of entities. Something started me writing these stories and they seemed to have a life of their own. I sit down and start a chapter after working all day and at 11: 00 I'm still writing, it is kinda habit forming. You know where, are they going today, what are they up to. Things happen in the story that I had no idea that was the way it was going. It writes itself. A lot of the area in the stories I knew about. The 4th episode takes place about 20 years later. Robert (Bob) McKusick liked my stories so well he told me of his past life. Seems he was a train robber around 1880. He actually found a Robert McKusick in history that was a train robber in that time and place as he remembered it. He sent me all the history on it and I wrote the "Arizona is Hot" story about that history. A lot of it is fact-it was taken from the known history of train robberies. I just made it fit my story. And Bob (or Robert) was in it. Most of the characters in the stories are taken from people I have known, their character is imbedded in the story. I try to show real emotion that people have in a certain situation. Some times while writing, I get tears in my eyes. I put a lot of feeling in the stories. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.-Joe Smith


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