Dowsing Using the ABC Pendulum Chart




Dowsing Using the ABC Pendulum Chart

Prior to beginning please ensure that you have your personal protection in place. This is true for any type of dowsing, you want to make sure you are fully protected from any non-beneficial energy.

You may like to set up your environment, light a candle or some incense, select a crystal or two to enhance your protection and your communication. Place your glass of water in easy reach, or you may prefer to go out into nature. The secret is to make yourself comfortable.

Center yourself just as you would when you begin asking your yes/no questions sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your chart in front of you and don't forget to have a sheet of paper and pen handy to take notes. If you have a digital recorder I have found that using a recorder can also be helpful and less distracting.

Connect with your guide, if you have a specific guide you work with, ask your guide if he or she knows how to read and write in your language. If you have a guide or helper who cannot read or write in your language, you will only get gibberish and you will become frustrated and may feel like giving up. If you've asked and learned that your Helper cannot read or write in your language, you may ask them to use an interpreter.

Important Note: All messages are passed through your guide. You never want to connect directly with anyone! Keep yourself protected and at arms length at all times when dowsing. You would not even want to connect directly with your mother, never open your energy field up to outside influences. Your guide or guardian angel is available to help you at all times, you just have to remember to ask as they will never intrude on your free will. However, if you ask they will control who passes information to you and you can trust that the information is for your highest good.

Once you have established a connection with your highself or guide, ask permission to begin communication. Always ask for permission out of respect. If permission is not given, trust that this is not a good time to continue.

If you wish to communicate directly with a specific energy frequency, ask your guide to connect with the energy of the person you would like the message from, I cannot stress enough to connect through your guide. Once a connection is created with your guide and the specific energy field you requested you must once again ask for permission to continue.

Hold your pendulum over the convergence point of your chart. Now ask your question or request specific information or just ask for a beneficial message. Your pendulum should begin to swing to a specific letter on the chart. This often takes time, patience and practice. At first you may get phonic-type words, such as "S" for "yes" and "lik" for "like," but don't give up. With practice, the words will come quickly and soon you'll get full sentences, then paragraphs.

I have created Alphabet Charts in several language alphabets to find and download a chart in your language go to this link ABC Charts if you do not find the language of your choice please feel free to contact me and request it. I will create it for you if I can and include it in my list of language specific Alphabet Charts .

Note: I myself have never really mastered the art of Message Dowsing but I have included the charts as a service to the community as I know many dowsers who receive phenomenal messages using charts of this type. Juanita



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