Simple Choices; Simple Answers


If you wish to print off the Simple Choices Chart double click on the above for a link to the chart.

When making simple choices 2 or 3 items (sometimes even 4 or 5) I do not write the items down. I simply indicate a direction to my dowsing system. If the pendulum points left the answer will be green. If the pendulum points forward then the answer will be yellow and to the right the answer is Red. I don’t actually say all this. I will say GREEN and point to my left, I will say YELLOW and Point to the middle and I will say RED and point to the right. I sometimes will point in the direction I want to indicate my answer or I might just designate directions in my mind. Then I ask my question. If the pendulum points right the answer is RED. Don’t write anything on the template just point and name the space.

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