Dowsing and What it is Used For.

Dowsing and What it is Used For by Joe Smith

For years dowsing was called witching and several other names but basically they all use universal knowledge. This is available to all that learn how to do it. Water witching gets a signal from the target vein of water, but he might get the same signal from a thought form of a water vein. So that changes it from the ground signal to a mind signal. The more we work with dowsing the more interesting it becomes. To explain the thought form some more I will give you an example. If a dowser went out to a farmers place to find him a well location and the farmer already could picture the well in his mind sitting right next to the barn. Boy that would be nice. The dowser comes out, doesn’t clear all the thought forms and finds the well site just as the farmer had pictured it in his mind. The well would be probably dry. I could give you numerous examples of this happening. The fact is we use thought forms of water veins, mentally, while teaching dowsing. Sometimes the weather is bad so we teach right in a big room, placing veins for the students to find. Of course we remove the thought forms after class. If we didn’t they would stay there for ever. . They have no water in them, nothing but thought forms of water.

Now we use dowsing for almost every thing. Any thing you can think up a question for , you can use dowsing to find the answer. In the last couple of months I have cleared detrimental energy from people’s houses, made several oil well, locations made a dozen water well locations for people’ looked for lost items, looked for a UFO crash site and many things I forgot about. Once you become used to doing dowsing for yourself there is no end for ways to use dowsing.

We forecast the weather for ourselves and even use it to find out which stock to buy. Is it always right? No it isn’t, but a lot more time than not it is right. This dowsing ability, you don’t have to be special to do it. 8 out of 10 people can dowse if they want too. It is similar to intuition. A fellow from Tecumseh taught me how to dowse when we needed a well to help in a drought 30 years ago.

The Chinese have used dowsing for centuries. It was used in Europe for years to find mineral as well as water. All of our history has records of water witches who found water for people. It was used in the World War 2 to find water in the desert. It was used in Vietnam to find tunnels. Plumbers and electricians use dowsing rods to help them locate things like sewer lines, septic tanks. Most of our cities around the country have some one that can use the “rods”. There was a cable put in front of our house going to Johnson. The engineers had all type of fancy locators to mark the water line coming under the road. They marked them with a flag. The fellow that dug the line one morning ,stopped, got off the back hoe, got a set of L rods off his tractor, walked out there and checked the area again , moved the flag and started digging, My wife and I were watching the whole thing from the kitchen window./ We thought that was funny. The equipment the engineers used cost in the thousands and the Back hoe man had a couple brazing rods, probably $2 worth. He was right though and the engineers were off a couple of feet. There was a nice harp stolen out in California from a building. Harold McCoy found it for them and they got it back. He wasn’t even there. He was using maps. That is documented. I use map dowsing all the time to locate possible water veins before I go to the area so I can do it quicker.

Lost pets are the hardest to find, they are on the move all the time. People are almost as bad, some lost people don’t want to be found. Some just decide to run away. But until you are asked to help it is better to stay out of it. If you find a body, who is the first one that is suspect?

Dowsing the lottery and horse races? You’re wasting your time. The Dowsers Creed is Need, not Greed.

Don’t take your dowsing too serious. You can make up all kinds of theory and things you ought do, but use common sense when you dowse. It is not the answer to the world’s problems, it is just a tool you can learn to use. Just don’t let it take over your life. The sun will make it up whether you dowse or not. But for me Dowsing is a way of life I use it almost every day. I have pendulums all over the house and in most of my pockets.


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