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This lesson was written in Sept 2003 by Joe Smith for a dowsing list, it was originally given in a series of 5 Posts over several days. I will present them here as 5 Separate Lessons

Lesson 1

I can do that real easy. Bobbers can be a tip of an old fly rod. any thing that has more weight on one end. I make mine out of a file handle and a piece of speedometer cable about a foot long. Then I put a little weight on the end . Maybe solder a small washer on the end of that. There are many ways to make a bobber.

Hold the tip of a fly rod by the little end.

The action of a bobber is similar to a pendulum. An up an down motion is my yes, a sideways motion is my no. If you are looking for something like a water vein. Start the bobber in a "yes " motion but now it is your search motion because that is what you are doing. As you walk a long the bobber will go up and down .

Have your question or target in your mind. " I want a vein of water that will produce 10 gallons a minute"" Of course you can word it however. When you reach you target of the water vein the bobber will go in clockwise circle as you cross the water vein it will revert back to the search motion. Find you a bobber of some kind and I will set up a test for you.


Lesson 2

Come on in now and have a seat and we will get started. Your home work was to try to make the Bobber do it's things. So tonight lets take it out in the back yard and see what we can find. Start your bob in a search motion,( Up and down) as you walk across the yard asking for a vein of pottable water the would make a 10 gallon per min. well at say less than 200 ft. . Pottable water just means it is save to drink. Ok back to the walk. Walk slow when you are just learning, speed will come later. As you get close to a vein the bob will slow down and then start a clockwise circle as you enter the vein. Mark the spot you first found that vein, were not though with it yet. Then as for the other side of the vein which will be just as your bob goes back to a search motion.

Mark that side also. . Now find the middle of the vein. Just ask for the center of flow. Your bob will start off in a search motion and circle when it finds the center of flow. Do you see the difference there. When you were looking for the water vein it circled all the way across the vein, but looking for the center of flow you changed target and it only circled when you found that spot. Got that. Now ask the bob for the direction of flow. standing on the center spot do the sideways search scan and it will bob up and down when you get the right direction. Now remember when I was telling you about the bob leaning from side to side.? Now you get to see if you can do it. Ask the bob to follow the vein, as you are walking in the direction you found in search scan. As you walk down the center of the vein it will bob up and down , as you drift to one side or the other it will tend to lean the up and down motion one way or the other. The farther you tray from center the more it will lean. The closer up get to the center the straighter it will bob. As soon as you get this down we will try another little know fact. Lets go back to the marked water veins, Now I told you guys to mark those, what happened. I did not see any dogs stealing those markers. Your not supposed to use candy bar wrappers to mark then. The best way to mark a vein in short grass like your lawn is a hand full of rocks wrapped in voil or colored tape any thing easy to find. In the field wi use engeneer flags. Different colors mean different things . All kinds of ways to mark a vein. Ok you finally found it again. Ok this thime we are going across the vein looking for the vein and the polarity of each side.They will be different. One side will give you a clockwise and the other side will give you a ccwise. thus the positive side and the negitave side of the vein. As you cross the vein it will start in one rotation and quit in the middle and switch to the other rotation. All running veins carry a current of electricity. Very small but still there. Are you guys folowing me here or have I lost you. If so just pipe up and say so and we will go over it. Now for lesson 3 on the bobber that will be tomorrow so get to work. Tomorrow is on the bobber and the AURA.

Good night and don't let the bed bugs bite. Joe

Lesson 2A

One thing I forgot to mention in lesson 2 is how to find depth of a water vein. So I better do it or I will forget again. Take your bob out to the water vein you should already have found, You did didn't you? By asking the depth of this vein?? there might be more than one vein so just ask. Merely a yes no question. If there are more than 1 ask for the TOP of the top zone, The bobber will start bobbing up and down. It is not necessary to count the bobs, First would be is this vein below 100 ft. If you get a yes, go to 200 ft. Then if you get a no, back up to 150 ft, if no back more till you get a yes. Then go in 1 ft increments. Now that you found the measurement to the top of the first zone ask how thick it is in ft, ! ft 2 ft 3 ft and so on till you get a no again. If there are more than one vein do the same for the other zones. We will call this lesson 2 A. Hope I'm not moving to fast for you. This good information here but what you get out of it will be up to you. Joe

Lesson 3 - Aura Dowsing

As promised the lesson will be on the Aura and how to use a bober for this. I'll write this while have the time, just print it out and put it in file. Next week is going to be busy for me. Dowsing job in Kansas and funeral of a wonderful dowser friend of mine in Hastings area. The human aura is an electric field around your body. There are several layers and different interpretations of them, which we won't get into here. I just going to show you how to find the aura and what happens when the person has had an injury. Remember about searching with a side ways motion (like a no motion). We did this standing in one spot turning your body around. This will be similar to that except you will be moving forward with the bob out to one side not pointed at the person. Ask some one to be your target and start in to search to find the edge of their aura. The bob will be searching for the edge of their aura and normally you should find it around hip high about 4-6 ft out , maybe closer on some. Now that you have found it have the person you are dowsing turn 1/4 turn at a time and do it all over again. some times the aura is lopsided on some people. OK you now have found the outside edge. When you found it the bobber should have gone up and down (straight), Now lower the bobber and try again about knee height. You will notice the bobber will go a lot closer to the person. Now down to the ankle area . It should almost disappear , maybe just a few inches. While you're down there with the bobber going up and down start moving up slightly and notice the bobber leans out in its motion away from the body, This is telling you to move out as you go up in height. Do you remember how the bobber leaned when you got off target?? If you did your lesson you would. Follow the bobber out until it goes straight up and down again the up some more it will lean out again. By the method you can identify the outer edge of the whole aura. If that person had had an injury at some time the aura will dip in to that area. Play with that feeling for a while. Now if you really think you know what you are doing , let's find the person's set of wings. Each of us has the aura of a set of angel wings, Hah Hah you say, well take your bobber and with the side ways motion search the back area of your target and you will find the hump of the wings just above the shoulder area. Follow it down around to the tip of the wings a couple of feet behind the person , go under that tip and the bobber will take you up the inside edge of the wings you can follow them all the way back up to the area above the hips in the back. Now to make this easy if you have no one for a target, just set a pair of shoes out on the floor and think of the person you want to dowse standing in those shoes. It will work just as well as if they were there. Sound far out? you ain't seen nothing yet. OK I'm open for discussions now, questions so let us talk about what you learned or didn't learn and where did I screw up so as to make it easier for you to learn. That is a benefit to both of us if you see some thing I did wrong just wave your hand. No. 2 Rem? By all means and hurry back it may get interesting. Don't you dare through that eraser Frank. Joe

Lesson 3A

Hey guys settle down out there I got one more little trick for you to play with, Remember the pair of shoes and the aura above it?? Ok ,now get your shoes out and place them on the floor and step back about 6-7 ft. Ask your aura to go over and stand in those shoes so that you can dowse your own aura. You can even find your own wings. Now with some of you, check for horns. Don't forget to call it back when your through. Joe


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