Dowse This... Healing Modalities/Processes


“Dowse This… Healing Modalities/Processes,” is the Therapeutic Processes chart on Steriods! This book contains a set of Charts entitled Healing Modalities/Processes (formerly Therapeutic Processes) that contains 26 charts with 538 different dowsing options as well as various supporting charts. The Healing Modalities/Processes Charts is larger set of similar charts that you will find in the published book “Dowse This… Holistically Healthy”. The Modalities Charts became too big to add to other books therefore I have created this supplement to add to your chart resources.


63 Charts Included


Master Chart

Am I Ready to Dowse 1 & 2

Request Assistance 1 - 3

Focused Questions


Alphabet Chart

Blocks to Correct Answers

Blocks to Healing 1 & 2

Entities 1 & 2

Health Guage 1 & 2

Hertz Vibration

Risk Chart

Effect on Body

Level of Benefit

Healing Modalities/Processes 1 - 26

Yoga Styles 1 & 2

Yoga Asanas 1 - 6


Time Between Sessions

Best Time of Day

Skeletal Back

Body Front

Body Back

Dowse This… Book Series - 1 & 2