About Us

The creators of Mirrorwaters.com Juanita Ott and Lorilee Nelson where on the same dowsing discussion group back in early 2005 when they first became friends. They created Mirrorwaters in October 2005. Since that time Lori has moved on and created her own site InsightsRus.com. In May 2011 Jaine Newsham joined Mirrorwaters to provide dowsing services but left in early 2012 to pursue her own dreams.


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Juanita lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with her husband. Juanita is the mother of 2 boys and a girl, and Grandmother of 5 grandson's. When Juanita first learned about the fine art of dowsing back in 1998 she was a true skeptic. But after reading her first book she was hooked on the concept. With her background as a Computer Engineering Technologist it wasn't long before she was creating her own dowsing charts to simplify her dowsing. From there the chart creation possibilities just never ceased to exist. Juanita has recently published several Dowsing Chart books and working on several more. Juanita is a member of several Dowsing Associations, The Toronto Dowsers, The America Society of Dowsers, , the British Society of Dowers, The Canadian Society of Dowsers and the Canadian Society of Questors.