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Haven't we all wondered "What is Going On With My Child? Well this is why I created this set of charts. Children are pretty complex individuals and it is hard to know how we can help them traverse the world safely and effectively. This Booklet contains 76 Charts to help you to understand what is going on with your child and how you can help, this chart set alone contains 26 charts with a possible 571 items to dowse. There is even a chart for dowsing what is going on with your baby. Along with many charts to further investigate what is really going on.

NOTE: A4 Size Booklets are not yet available but will be added in the near future.
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Table of Charts

Am I Ready to Dowse? 1 & 2

Master Chart

Focused Questions

Blocks to Correct Answers

Alphabet Chart

Percentage/Probability Chart

Honesty / Integrity Levels

What is Going On with My Child?

Where is My Child?

Missing Child - What Happened?

How Safe is My Child?

How Can I Help?

What is Going On With My Baby?

Level of Pain

Recreational Drugs

Physical Signs of Drug Use

Drug Paraphernalia

Who's Involved? 1 - 3

Entities 1 & 2

Non-Beneficial Energies 1 & 2

Non-Beneficial Emotions

Beneficial Emotions

Traumas 1 - 5

Clear Traumas 1 & 2

Blocks to Dowsing/Healing/Clearing 1 & 2

Dowse This... Book Series