Something Is Not Right

This chart was created by a friend of mine and was originally offered as a Chart of the Month. I asked if it would be okay if I continued to offer it on Mirrorwaters as a free download, and was given permission. This is an excellent chart and my friend also included definitions of the items on the chart which is included in the PDF document.

NOTE: Due to rising costs of operating Mirrorwaters, as well as the time involved creating the charts, it is no longer possible to offer them for free. I have added a button to give you the option purchasing the charts for 3.00, if you feel these charts are worth more to you than a $3 please increase the quantity purchased. I would suggest at least $6. The thought and effort in creating these charts makes even 3.00 a fantastic bargain and I hope you find them a great tool to add to your dowsing. Thank you for stopping by and your continued support of my work.

Exciting News! Jaine and I are developing an Advanced Something is Not Right PDF booklet for purchase. Which will contain the popular chart "Something is Not Right" it will contain all the charts that we use to discover and deal with those things that are Just Not Right!



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