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The Original Something is Not Right Chart is one of our more popular *Free Downloads here at Mirrorwaters. Several years ago Jaine Newsham contacted me with this idea for Chart of the Month. At the time I thought it was a fantastic chart and still do.

Recently, I was telling Jaine of my plan to create PDF booklets on specific subjects and Jaine mentioned she wanted to create some Dowsing Classes for her to teach in the Niagara Falls Ontario area. I suggested rather than have her teach from my books that she use a booklet as then her students would be able to take something home. I mentioned once again how popular the Something is Not Right chart is and suggested a set of charts to assist her students to fully dowse for What is Not Right. Turns out Jaine had a few charts that she uses all the time in conjunction with the Something is Not Right Chart and I suggested a few that I like to use. I think we have put together an excellent booklet for you.

This book was created in collaboration with Jaine Newsham.

Table of Contents

Something Is Not Right

Percentage / Probability

Alphabet Dowsing Chart

Request Assistance

Focused Questions

Effect on Body

Entity Attachments (2 Charts)

How Should I View This (2 Charts)

The Underlying Cause

Blocks to Dowsing/Clearing/Healing

Blocks to Dowsing Correct Answers

Pendulum Clearing (2 Charts)

Dowse This... Book Series

Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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