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Chart of the Month

If you find the Charts you download useful, please consider a small donation to keep this feature running. A lot of time and effort is put in to creating these charts for you.

Announcement: - After several years of Mirrorwaters having a free chart offered each month, I need to make a change. For years I have requested that folks leave a small donation in appreciation for the free charts if they found them valuable, as I spend hours each month researching and creating them. Sadly, I have finally decided that I am no longer able to do this. I have decided that in the future I continue to offer a Chart of the Month, I will supply a 30% off Coupon for the charts, at the end of the month the Coupon will expire and they will be full price. Requesting Donations just wasn't working so I removed that request.

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Weather Dowsing Charts

The Folks on my Facebook Group decided they would like a chart for dowsing the Weather, one never really knows what to expect, how to plan for your day or a vacation etc. The request was for basic weather conditions with times of the day so one might also dowse daily weather. This set contains 3 Charts, I also added a percentage option to the charts as well because everyone who follows Mirrorwaters knows we never dowse straight up Yes and No style questions, it is always Percentage/Probability of an event occurring. Enjoy the Charts.

If you like what you see please consider giving a donation to keep the Chart of the Month a thing. I have spent at least 3 hours this morning creating these charts for your benefit and that was only because I had already created all the lists and done all the research. This was simply time spent creating and formatting the charts.

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As always remember its not just about what I can give to you all for free, but what we can do/create as a community. Please feel free to share your ideas with us on ways you use this chart or any items you think would be a beneficial addition to the charts. If you would like to see an Alphabet Chart available in your language's alphabet contact me and we will work together to make it happen. Note: Pay very close attention your questions. The answer you dowse is very dependent on the question you ask.

We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart. We thought it might be fun to offer a different chart each month. If there is a particular chart you would like to see offered here, feel free to leave us a note. It might just show up here. Sorry, but the 'Chart of the Month' will not be archived; you will need to check back often or sign up for our Mailing List. We will email you each month to remind you to check for a new chart.

By request if you missed the free download when it was the Chart of the Month, we have made some of the charts available to purchase a downloadable version. Your donation will go towards keeping this site functional, and advertisement free.