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Chart of the Month

Chart of the Month, is a Chart or Chart Set that will be available for the month for 25% Off, the coupon is listed below the Buy Now button. This code will expire on the Last Day of the Month.

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Virus Charts

This Chart set contains 12 charts. They will assist you in dowsing for virus in your body your etheric bodies etc


The charts included in this set are

- Hertz Frequency Chart 1 ($5 Value)

- Risk Chart 2 ($5 Value)

- Levels of Self Chart 3 ($5 Value)

- Virus Charts 4 thru 12 ($13 Value)

You could begin by Dowsing the Virus, then move on to the Levels of Self Chart and see if the Virus is currently located in any of your bodies or Levels of Self. You can check to see if the Virus was inherited, airborne, or if you have had physical contact with someone infected. Then check to see Risk of actually becoming ill. Raise the Frequency of Your body to an appropriate level to prevent illness. Change the Frequency of the Virus so it will have no effect on you

You could choose to Clear, dissolve, change the frequency, neutralize the virus discovered with intention and attention. Using the pendulum, allow the pendulum to spin in the required direction to clear. Generally Counter Clockwise but there are times a Rebalance may be required so allow it to spin in either Clockwise or Counter Clockwise. This set of charts can stand alone but used with other books in the Dowse This Series you can only enhance your knowledge and healing of the issue. Another technique that I have used is to energetically download an antibiotic, medication or homeopathic remedy if required, if you are downloading medication request that it is an appropriate strength for the highest good of your body, ask that any non-beneficial proprieties of the medications be neutralized and removed from the energetic download.


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As always remember its not just about what I can give to you all for free, but what we can do/create as a community. Please feel free to share your ideas with us on ways you use this chart or any items you think would be a beneficial addition to the charts. If you would like to see an Alphabet Chart available in your language's alphabet contact me and we will work together to make it happen. Note: Pay very close attention your questions. The answer you dowse is very dependent on the question you ask.

We at Mirrorwaters have specialized in creating fine Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each chart. We thought it might be fun to offer a different chart each month. If there is a particular chart you would like to see offered here, feel free to leave us a note. It might just show up here. Sorry, but the 'Chart of the Month' will not be archived; you will need to check back often or sign up for our Mailing List. We will email you each month to remind you to check for a new chart.

By request if you missed the free download when it was the Chart of the Month, we have made some of the charts available to purchase a downloadable version.