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Books Available on Dowse This Include...


Dowse This... Lighting the Heaven Road

A Book Series by Juanita Ott


Entities remain earthbound for a plethora of reasons. Some are nefarious, some through ignorance, some also due to a feeling of obligation, or love. Others may remain to continue with an earthly addiction or obsession. An Entity may even be attached to an Entity attached to a Person, Pet, Place, or Thing.

Possessing Spirits are LOST SOULS, which may be suffering. Even though they may argue that they are not and indicate that they want to remain earthbound, I believe we are doing them a disservice by not doing everything possible to educate them on their current circumstances and what they are missing out on by remaining in the Earth Realm and ultimately guiding them to the LIGHT.

Remember, too, we are not “Kicking Them Out,” or getting “Rid of Them,” but we are assisting them to continue on their journey in the most loving way possible. Some of the reasons for an earthbound spirit remaining in the Earth Realm are quite tragic, as in the case of a death caused by a battle or a terrorist attack, etc. The entity may still be here out of ignorance of their situation and does not Need to be “Kicked Out,” but to have his or her circumstance gently explained. Once they are aware, they are often very willing to go to the light.

This book contains 144 Charts to assist you in guiding Lost Souls to 'Heaven'. There are 20 charts with Reason's why a Lost Soul may still be on this Earthly Plane, as well as numerous items that will assist the Entity to inform you why they are still here, this will better help you to assist them to the light.

ISBN: 978-1-927761-08-3



Dowse This... Your Relationships; Personal & Professional

A Book Series by Juanita Ott


Dowse This… Your Relationships; Personal & Professional Finally its here! The Most Requested set of dowsing charts in a comprehensive easy to dowse format. A great addition to the “Dowse This…” Dowsing Chart Book Series.

At one time or another, we all have questions and concerns about our relationships with loved ones and in the workplace that we'd appreciate having the answers to. This book was created for those individuals who seek additional insight and guidance from their guides to help them in their everyday decision-making process.

Inside you will find 183 individual Charts to dowse what is going on with your Relationships, Your Job, Your Children and Even your Pets.

Included in this book are charts such as “What is Really Going On” which alone contains 753 possible items. You will find charts on blocks to having the relationship or Job of your dreams. Things you might do to improve your Relationship or Work Environment. Places you might find that perfect someone.

I hope you find this book as useful as I and my editor, Susan Verrecchia, do.

Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide.

ISBN: 978-0-9780258-8-5






Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives

A Book Series by Juanita Ott

An extremely comprehensive set of 155 Dowsing Charts, which can be used to explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives. They can be useful for exploring your other lives for curiosity’s sake, or they can be used to assist healing in your current life relationships as well as your emotional and physical health. Included is a set of Life Purpose Charts containing 242 separate items which can also be used to dowse your current life purposes, missions or tasks. As you dowse your past lives, future lives & parallel lives, the choices and associations that you make in your current life can take on new meaning. Why not start today?

ISBN: 978-0-9780258-7-8









Dowse This... Totem Animals and Other Animal Guides

A Book Series by Juanita Ott


Have you ever wondered how to determine your Totem Animal? This was a question I heard so often I decided to create a dowsing chart to simplify the process. A few years ago I began to collect lists of animals and soon my list became too large for a simple chart. This book consists of 27 dowsing charts and 1 blank chart to assist you in discovering your totem, power, message, guide, and/or medicine animal to name but a few.

ISBN: 978-0-9780258-4-7






Dowse This... Empower Yourself; Create Your Own Custom Charts

A Book Series by Juanita Ott


A set of 64 charts to dowse in a handy coil bound format. Use the blank charts to create your own custom dowsing charts designed specifically for you, your life, and environment. The book is organized so you can create your own title for each chart and your own table of contents. Also included is a Consciousness Level Chart for use with the book Power Vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, and 3 Complete charts, a Measurement Chart for dowsing beneficial or detrimental effects of the dowsed choices a Dosage Chart for any supplements you might take, and an Alphabet Dowsing Chart.







Dowse This... Holistically Healthy

A Book Series by Juanita Ott


Dowse This… Holistically Healthy The 162 dowsing charts contained between the pages of this book will help guide you to take control over the care of you own health. The charts contain information on common supplements, herbs and vitamins, as well as 30 food charts that can be used to determine which items you need to have incorporated into your diet. The charts can be used to alert you to foods which should be added to, or eliminated from your diet due to intolerance or allergies. The Spice Chart is a fun and creative way to flavor up your favorite soups, stews and brews, or dowse to create new and exciting taste sensations! The Organs and Body Systems charts will help you know if your body is working for you at maximum potential. These charts include possible causes and treatments of any health issues you may have. Let your imagination help you in taking charge of your body and health – let these charts be your guide.







Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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