Dowse This... Empower Yourself Booklet - $25


A set of 64 charts to dowse in printable format, this book is also available on in a handy coil bound format. Use the blank charts to create your own custom dowsing charts designed specifically for you, your life, and environment. The book is organized so you can create your own title for each chart and your own table of contents. Also included is a Consciousness Level Chart for use with the book Power Vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, and 3 Complete charts, a Measurement Chart for dowsing beneficial or detrimental effects of the dowsed choices a Dosage Chart for any supplements you might take, and an Alphabet Dowsing Chart. NOTE: A4 Size Booklets are not yet available but will be added in the near future.

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Table of Charts

Measurement Meter


Consciousness Levels

Alphabet Chart

Blank Charts 10 Spaces 1 - 20

Blank Charts 20 Spaces 1 - 20

Blank Charts 30 Spaces 1 - 10

Blank Charts 40 Spaces 1 - 10