Discounted Pendulum Dowsing Charts

Discounted Pendulum Dowsing Charts



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So you are looking for Pendulum Dowsing Charts? You have certainly come to the right place. Several years ago when I first began dowsing I read about dowsing charts and how easy they were to use. I was intrigued, but it was so difficult to find good dowsing charts. But what really set me on the dowsing chart quest was the inability to find a chart for dowsing Bach Flower Remedies. I searched for many years and finally came to the conclusion I would have to create my own. I’ve come a long way in Dowsing Chart creation from my first very basic but useful dowsing chart. On Mirrorwaters you will find many charts that you will not find anywhere else. As well as Lesson’s and articles on using Dowsing Charts. I have charts scattered all over this website. Have fun looking for them. You will find several listed in the menu on your left, there are also some in the Dowsing 101 section and you will find some attached to articles throughout the site. Of course there is the Chart of the Month where I try to share a unique chart each month. If you have a Dowsing Chart you are looking for, please feel free to contact me. I have created several hundred dowsing charts over the years. If you want these charts created in your own language and would like to assist in the translation, please contact me. All charts are available in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader to open them. Most charts will open in a separate window or tab. Thanks for Visiting Mirrorwaters.




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