Directions Charts

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Dowsing Using the Direction Chart This chart could be helpful when performing

  • map dowsing,
  • remote dowsing,
  • find your best possible sleeping direction,
  • your best possible healing direction,
  • you best possible meditation direction,
  • the quadrant of the house where you might find a lost item,
  • the quadrant of the room where you might find a lost item
  • which direction to head for your morning walk
  • which area you should take your next holiday in
  • while vacationing which direction will I most enjoy exploring today?

These are just a few ideas on how you might use the direction chart. Let your imagination be your guide. How to read the chart. Your pendulum should begin swinging in the back and forth direction (North/ South) the pendulum will then begin to circle the chart while swinging away from you and towards you. When the best possible direction is found the pendulum will stop circling the chart and point in a general direction.



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