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This little booklet contains the charts that I feel are essential to me when dowsing. You will find a selection of these charts in most of my books. Although for the most part these are the most current, except for the Blocks Chart. I like the simplicity of the little two page Blocks to Dowsing/Clearing/Healing Chart. If I receive "Other" on this chart I will dowse the larger more complicated chart. For this booklet I felt the simpler chart would be best as a lot of beginners will find themselves using these charts.

Many of these charts were originally featured as a free Chart of the Month so if you already have most of these charts then you can create your own Dowsing Essentials Booklet. If these charts were offered for sale separately on Mirrorwaters I would have to post them as $5 each. So buying a booklet gives you substantial savings. NOTE: A4 Size Booklets are not yet available but will be added in the near future.
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Table of Charts

Am I Ready to Dowse? 1 & 2

Request Assistance 1 - 3

Focused Questions

Blocks to Correct Answers

Blocks to Dowsing/Clearing/Healing 1 & 2

Alphabet Chart

Steps to Clear 1 & 2



Best Time of Day


When Did This Happen?

Effect on Body

Non-Beneficial Energies 1 & 2

Entities 1 & 2

Measurement Meter

Time Required Between Session


Dowse This Books

Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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