Dowse This... Dowse for Your Animal Totem and Other Animal Guides



Have you ever wondered how to determine your Totem Animal? This was a question I heard so often I decided to create a dowsing chart to simplify the process. A few years ago I began to collect lists of animals and soon my list became too large for a simple chart. This book consists of 27 dowsing charts and 1 blank chart to assist you in discovering your totem, power, message, guide, and/or medicine animal to name but a few. This book also contains Dinosaurs and Mythical Creatures. This book is also available on in a handy coil bound format.

NOTE: A4 Size Booklets are not yet available but will be added in the near future.

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If you prefer a Hard Copy of this book you can Purchase one at


Kim Watts at Gypsy Wylde Art has created an amazing assortment of Spirit Animal Pendulum sets, with more being designed as she thinks of new ones to add. Check Often.