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Pendulum Dowsing Charts for Purchase.

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We were on the fence about offering individual charts for sale, as the focus of Mirrorwaters is not to sell but to share. Many people have asked for a previously offered chart of the month and rather than just say sorry you just can't have it. We do not archive these charts, if you missed it you are out of luck. We decided to offer the previous charts for sale as a download.


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SORRY BUT THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON CHART SETS THAT HAVE BEEN PURCHASED. I no longer have any way to know if a product has been downloaded therefore, I am unfortunately unable to offer refunds or exchanges.


Timing Dowsing Chart - $5.00


The Timing Chart enables you to dowse, Day, Month, Year, and Time. On one easy to use pendulum dowsing chart.

Updated January 2014


Best Time of Day Dowsing Chart - $5.00


This Chart will assist you in dowsing the Best Time of Day to take a supplement or to take a walk, meditate, go to bed etc.

Updated September 2009


When Dowsing Chart - $5.00


This Chart will assist you in dowsing durations, it contains items such as Hours, Minutes, Days, Years etc. and the numbers 1 thru 12. This chart could be used to dowse supplements.

Updated October 2009


Hours/Minutes/Seconds Dowsing Chart - $5.00


This Chart will assist you in dowsing Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. This chart could be used to dowse the best time to take a supplement, the best time to complete an action, etc.

Updated December 2009


Bach Flower Essences Dowsing Chart - $5.00


All the Bach Flower Essences and Rescue Remedy. On one easy to use pendulum dowsing chart.

Dr Schuellser's Cell Salts Dowsing Chart - $5.00


The 12 Dr Schuellser Cell Salts with a dosage selection on one handy chart.

Young Living Essential Oils & Blends - $15.00


A complete list of Young Living Essential Oils and Blends on 4 Pendulum Dowsing Charts

Archangel Dowsing Chart - $5.00



Dowse to see which Archangel would be of most assistance to you for working on each issue.

Ascended Masters - $8.00



There are 3 charts included in this set.

Set of 3 Blank Dowsing Chart - $8.00


This is a set of 3 blank dowsing charts in 3 different sizes 5, 10 & 15.

Entity Attachment Dowsing Chart - $6.00


This chart is used to identify Entity Attachments.

Non-Beneficial Energies Dowsing Chart - $6.00


There are 2 charts included in this set containing possible Detrimental energies that you may encounter in and around your home, work place etc.. Many times, something will pop up and we may ask ourselves... Why am am I experiencing this? This chart could very well point you in the right direction. These Charts are included in many of the Dowse This Series of Books and Booklets, if you own some of the series please check for the charts in one prior to purchasing.

Levels of Self / Subtle Bodies Chart - $5.00


This chart is used to identify the Levels of Your Body.

Pendulum Calculator Dowsing Chart - $5.00,/font>


This chart is used dowse for numbers, costs, I've used it to dowse what my home would sell for, how many supplements to take, how many days... etc.

Request Assistance Dowsing Chart - $8.00


Request Assistance is a set of 3 handy charts to use when dowsing anything and everything. You can dowse whom best would provide you with assistance to complete your dowsing task.

Updated: November 14, 2012

Something's Lost Dowsing Chart - $5.00


There are 2 charts included in this set to enable you to dowse for lost items. The First chart contains lists of possible locations in your home where your item may be lost. There are also 4 blank locations where you can write in your unique locations. Chart 2 is to help refine your search.

Crystals - $15.00


This is a collection of 6 charts containing 209 different crystals as well as a chart of what you might need to do with the crystal you have dowsed.

Who Did I Give My Power To - $19.95


This set of 9 charts is designed to assist you to take back your power. Included is a short 4 page description of how to use these charts to create the life you know you can have.

How Should I View This - $6.00


There are 2 charts included in this set. Many times, something will pop up and we may ask ourselves... Why in am I experiencing this? What is my lesson? How can I change this pattern? This set of chart helps us to answer these questions.

Therapeutic Processes - $12.50



This group of 7 Charts contains 187 different Therapeutic Modalities and Processes that you can use to Heal your Issues. The list is quite varied including items such as Accept Responsibility, Chiropractic Adjustment, Rolfing, Ear Candling, EFT etc. I have also left spaces on the last chart for you to fill in some of your own favourite Therapeutic Processes

Updated January 10, 2012

Focused Questions - $5.00


In the past we have relied on the specific movements of our pendulums to give us answers to our questions. As a chart dowser why do I rely on esoteric pendulum movements, why not create a chart that will tell me what I want to know about the answers to my questions.

Updated August 1, 2011

Heart Health Charts - $9.00


This set of 5 Charts concern Heart Health, the first 2 consist of Individual Parts of the Heart, this was a Chart of the Month in January 2013. It also contains the February 2013 Chart of the Month entitled Maintain a Healthy Heart which contains 3 charts of supplements and heart healthy activities. Purchased individually this set would cost $14.00

Updated February, 2013

Dosage Charts - $6.00


This set of Charts Contains 2 Charts that will enable you to dowse for the proper Dosage of your supplements. These charts are contained in the Book "Dowse This... Holistically Healthy" so if you have this book you don't need to purchase these charts.

Published in "Dowse This... Holistically Healthy


Sleep Aids Charts - $7.00



This set of 3 Charts contains items for dowsing such as Supplements, Herbs, Teas, Treatments, etc to assist you in determining what you should do to deal with insomnia.

Last Update - March 1st, 2013

Homeopathic Insomnia Charts - $8.00


This is a set of 3 charts containing 64 possible Homeopathic Remedies you can use when you are experiencing Insomnia. Homeopathic remedies are used to heal the Root Cause, not to apply a bandaid to the problem. It also contains a Homeopathic Dosage Chart.

Last Update - March 1st, 2013

Menopause Dowsing Charts - $7.00


This is a set of 3 charts containing supplements, treatments etc for females dealing with Menopause.

Last Update - March 1st, 2013

Female Fertility Dowsing Charts - $9.00


This is a set of 5 charts containing supplements, treatments etc for females dealing with Fertility Issues.

Last Update - March 1st, 2013

Dowse Your Professional Dowsing Charts - $13.00


This is a set of 9 charts to assist you in dowsing prior to entering into any type of purchase agreement or contract. It contains over 100 possible issues that might arise when you are hiring someone. Consider that you might dowse if the person you are dealing with is honest and you receive a yes answer, and you proceed with the business transaction. But, it is not really the employee/salesman that you are dealing with that calls the shots it is the business. In order to ask the appropriate Yes/No questions you need to know what to ask. Using Charts helps to bypass this dowsing limitation.

Last Update - February 12th, 2014

Next Step Dowsing Chart - $5.00


This new chart was created by the people on my Facebook Group. One of the members wanted a chart that would give them an idea of what to do when they have run out of ideas. Haven't we all run into a brick wall and have just run out of ideas one where to focus next when dowsing an issue. Hopefully this chart which is super useful in my opinion will prove helpful.

Anatomy of the Brain Dowsing Chart - $7.00


This is collection of 3 charts containing parts of the brain.

Mental Impairment Dowsing Chart - $10.00


This is collection of 6 charts with possible mental impairments. I have to say I don't agree with all the impairments as listed but I had to go with what I researched. This set of charts is also included in the Book "Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives" so if you have that book please don't buy this set of charts.

The Six Brain Functions - $5.00


A simple chart of the Brain Functions, this contains only 6 items.

7 Stages of Alzheimer's - $5.00


A simple chart of the 7 Stages of Alzheimer's

Reasons for Psychic Attack - $6.00


It was requested on my Facebook group that I create a chart with possible reasons someone may have Psychic Attacked you. Thinking knowing the reason behind the attack would make it easier to deal with the attack. This set of 2 charts currently has 47 possible reasons. You could also use the chart to check for reason's some might have verbally attacked you either personally or on a social forum etc.

Weather Dowsing Charts - $8.00


The Folks on my Facebook Group decided they would like a chart for dowsing the Weather, one never really knows what to expect, how to plan for vacation etc. The request was for basic weather conditions with times of the day so one might also dowse daily weather. I added a percentage option as well because everyone who follows Mirrorwaters knows we never dowse straight up Yes and No style questions, it is always Percentage/Probability of an event occurring. Enjoy the Charts.

Cellular Anatomy Dowsing Chart - $5.00


This is only 1 chart with the Anatomy of the Cells listed. This could alert you to areas of the cell that are not behaving as they should. You can then provide adjustments to specific areas.

Hertz Vibration Dowsing Chart - $5.00


A chart for dowsing Hertz Vibrations

Acupuncture Dowsing Charts - $15.50


There are 18 charts in this set. The Acupuncture charts will allow you to Dowse where you have blockages, I then use intent with my pendulum spinning to clear the blockages, or if you have a Tong REN doll you can tap the point (this is just intent too so not necessary IMHO) You could also download pictures from the internet and tap the point on a picture or use acupressure and simply press on a point for a dowsed amount of time. You could choose to Clear, dissolve, change the frequency, etc of the blockages. Dowse which order to clear the the blockages, test to see if you need a clockwise spin or a counterclockwise spin to neutralize the blockage. Also, you could work at developing your clearing statement.


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